Polymer Tanks


  • Resistant to various corrosive chemicals.
  • Wide temperature range (suitable for hard coat anodising - 32°F/0°C or Type II, i.e. 'Hot' anodising - 85°F/29.4°C).
  • Small Thermal Expansion Coefficient - This implies that the the dimensions will remain constant under varying temperature ranges.
  • Due to the small Thermal Expansion Coefficient, larger units can be supplied thus saving on valuable and often expensive floor space.
  • Can be supplied in varying shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the client.

Materials Used

NameAbbreviationRead moreResin Identification Symbol
Polypropylene PP Read more about Polypropylene Resin Identification Code 5
Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Read more about Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Identification Code 3
(also known as Polyethene)
PE :
HDPE - High Density PE (commonly used),
LDPE - Low Density PE
Read more about Polyethylene Low Density Polyethylene - Resin Identification Code 4High Density Polyethylene - Resin Identification Code 2
Polyvinylidene Difluoride PVDF Read more about Polyvinylidene Difluoride Resin Identification Code 7

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